Meet The Team

Nick Borrego 


Nick is a senior at Full Sail University pursuing a Music Production Bachelor’s of Science degree. Currently, he is composing his fourth indie game score. His career goal is to compose the score for blockbuster games. There are numerous independent films he has contributed to listed on Last year, he received a nomination from the Filmed in Utah 2011 Awards for Best Original Score. It is Nick’s goal to raise awareness of the expenses tied to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, and aims to utilize Twitter and Facebook to gather donations for the families directly affected.

Yesika Reyes (Benny B.) 


Yesika is a sophomore at Rutgers State University- New Brunswick pursuing a degree in Communication with a minor in Digital Communication, Information, and Media. Aside from school, she currently writes for her own gaming and technology opinion website called Commander Bedlam. In addition, she also writes a piece for Unreality Magazine every Monday about movies, television, and video game culture. She is known online as Benny B. When she heard of the tragedy in Connecticut, she called a couple of friends to organize a fundraiser for those affected using a combination of their skills and their love for video games.

Chrissy Shepard


Chrissy is a senior in college, is majoring in Psychology, and minoring in Sociology. She is the creator and Head Admin of the Retake ME3: Initiative Log on Facebook, which is currently the home of the Retake Mass Effect 3 movement.  The Log aims to provide members with Mass Effect and Retake-related news and to document and enhance the Retake experience via discussions, forums, polls, art, and more. The Log may also be found on Twitter. In response to the CT tragedy, Chrissy teamed up with Michael Zack to organize the Gamers for Sandy Hook fundraiser and reached out to multiple gaming sites, gaming industry affiliates, and gaming-related pages across Twitter and Facebook.

Michael Zack


Michael Zack recently completed his Masters degree at Northern Illinois University in History with a specialization in Southeast Asian Studies. He is an active member within the Retake community and is passionate about empowering people to make a difference in what they are passionate about. Because of that, he spearheaded several campaigns in the Retake movement to give people a chance to make their voices heard. The CT tragedy hit close to him for Michael, as his university experienced a similar tragedy a few years ago. So he answered the call from Benny B to help raise money for the Sandy Hook community in hopes it will help them in their time of need.

Jennifer Munoz


Jennifer Munoz is a junior attending Central Arizona College, majoring in English Literature and minoring and Art and Music. When not attending classes, Jennifer spends majority of her time writing short stories, painting, and drawing. She is very active member with the Retake community since it’s inception in March 2012. Jennifer is  extremely passionate when it comes to empowering people’s passion (whatever they may be). She believes that the true nature of goodness is best displayed in the wake of great tragedy. Because of this, it was only natural that she lend a hand in whatever way she could to help raise money for the people of Sandy Hook.

David Goman

Profile Pic

David Goman is currently in his third and final year studying for a media degree at Cambridge. Having worked with both Chrissy Shepard and Michael Zack previously on various initiatives on the Retake Initiative Log, he was invited by them after discussing the tragic events at Sandy Hook, to assist in the capacity of a moderator for potential podcasts for the charity through Xbox Live, as well as contacting potential endorsers through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. An avid gamer owning a large library of games on many varying consoles, David plans on becoming involved in games design once his degree is over.


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