Gwendoline Yeo Skype Date Promo!


Gamers For Sandy Hook is delighted to announce further support from voice actress Gwendoline Yeo! We have yet another Skype date for you guys to win via your generous donations! Gwendoline Yeo is known for many roles in film, TV series and video games including the up and coming Fuse, the God Of War series, Final Fantasy, The Dark Knight Returns and Mass Effect. She has shown interest in the charity in the past, producing an endorsement video.

For your chance to speak to Gwendoline, all you have to do is donate as much as $20 and over to be automatically entered into the competition. Don’t forget to leave a note when you donate, noting this is for the Gwendoline Yeo promo! If you’ve made a donation previously and want it to count towards this promo, send us an e-mail through our “Contact Us” page to notify us!

It will be open until February 22! G4SH will inform you via Twitter/FB/ or email if you have won. Gwendoline herself will arrange the date with you! Best of luck!


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