G4SH: Let Compassion Lead

It was Friday afternoon on December 14th, 2012. My family had just finished putting up Christmas decorations the night before. Our tree glittered with garland, bulbs, ribbons, bows, lights, and ornaments that my sisters and I had made over the years in school. So many memories over the course of so many years were brought together to create this green pine masterpiece. It made me feel warm inside just to look at it. But the ins and outs of everyday life have a tendency to diminish those warm feelings.

Over the years, I have become aware of how the news makes me feel. Sometimes, I find it very difficult to watch and find myself shutting off the television and doing something that might lift my spirits (even more so around the holidays). But on the day of the shootings at Sandy Hook elementary, I remember staring at the television, frozen. There were no words for something so horrible and senseless. Even so, I could not find it in myself to turn off the television. I wanted to achieve some sort of understanding as to why anyone would do this to these innocent and defenseless souls. Very soon after, some friends and I began to discuss ideas about what we could do to help in light of the tragedy.

I am part of Gamers for Sandy Hook because I remember so vividly the faces of family members, friends, and teachers around the scene at Sandy Hook Elementary. Any pain I could feel as a result of the news cannot possibly compare to the pain of those who lost their children, parents, spouses, or friends on that day. It is in my power to help make a difference and to show compassion. Compassion is a beautiful and powerful thing; I believe this community is more than deserving of any support we can provide to them.

We cannot hope for a better world if we as individuals do not come to terms with our ability to affect the lives of others for the better. We all have it within ourselves to reach out to those in need and have them know that we care. Even if you cannot donate, sharing this information along to your friends and family only helps us along with reaching our goal and ultimately benefiting the Sandy Hook community.

“Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek.”― Dalai Lama XIV

Chrissy Shepard


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