A Heartwarming Thanks from Kate Drummond to a Generous Donor

Gamers for Sandy Hook received a generous donation from a fine gentleman who only goes by the name of Chris. He described why he donated in his dedication:

I dedicate this to my loving mother who was a teacher for 25 years and a 2nd grade teacher specifically for 7 years (which I remember most). Thank you Mom for setting the example by which we should live by and I love you with all my heart. Note: I have been a huge gamer since the Atari 2600 and my favorite series by far is the Splinter Cell franchise. Gaming is my passion and this series changed the way I looked at video games – this donation is in response to the Kate Drummond video on the Splinter Cell website and would also like to dedicate this donation on behalf of them. As a gamer – this is my stand. The donation is not taken out of the family budget, this is my personal money saved from Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Valentines, etc… so I know my giving is coming from a real place and being responsible not to tie up family expenses. I have a YouTube video which contains the impromptu camera setup I did when I called my mother and the edited video captured just a little bit of a very emotional experience.

He recorded his dedication here:

Kate Drummond was moved by his video and wanted to thank him personally.

Thank you Chris, for your generosity.


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